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New Windsor Tower
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Last update: 06/18/19 20:50
  Current Conditions:

Wind Speed:
Feels Like:
Rainfall Rate:
Dew Point:
 0.0 mph S
 0.0 mph N
 29.825 in. and Steady
Today's Top Gust:
Today's Rain:
Today's High:
Today's Low:
Sunrise / Sunset:
Moonrise / Moonset:
 0.0 mph S
 1.260 in.
 05:22 / 20:32
 21:55 / 07:20

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  Wind Data:
Current Average Wind:
Current Gust Speed:
Current Beaufort Scale:
Current Wind Direction:
Avg Wind Last 10 Min:
Max Gust Last Hour:
Today's Wind Run:
Wind Run This Month:
Wind Run This Year:

 0.0 mph
 0.0 mph
 0.0 mph
 0.0 mph N at 20:00
 0.00 miles
 537.15 miles
 9237.24 miles
Today's Avg Wind Dir:
Today's Top Gust:
Today's Top Sustained:
Yesterday's Top Gust:
Yesterday Top Sustained:
Wind Change Last 24 Hours:
This Year's Top Gust:
Record Gust:
This Year's Top Sustained:
Record Sustained Wind:

 0.0 mph S at 08:36
 0.0 mph S at 08:10
 9.7 mph S at 08:36
 7.8 mph mph at 08:10
 0.0 mph
 114.4 mph on 3/1/2019
 114.7 mph on 8/16/2018
 27.7 mph on 4/11/2019
 39.3 mph on 7/1/2014
  Rain Data:
Current Rainfall Rate:
Today's Top Rain Rate:
Total Rain Last Hour:
Total Rain Today:
Yesterday's Rain Total:
Total Rain Last 7 Days:
Total Rain This Month:
Total Rain This Year:

 1.326"/hr at 11:30
 0.000 in.
 1.260 in.
 0.000 in.
 0.795 in.
 2.677 in.
 70.098 in.
Rain Change Last 24 Hours:
Last Rain Recorded:
Days W/ Rain This Year:
Max Daily Rain This Year:
Record Daily Rain:

 1.260 .in
 63 days
 26.18 in. on 5/31/2019
 26.18 in. on 5/31/2019
Current Temperature:
Current Wet Bulb:
Temp Change Last Hour:
Temp 24 Hours Ago:
Temp Change Last 24 Hours:
Today's High Temp:
Today's Low Temp:
Avg Temp Today 6am-6pm:
Avg Temp Today 6pm-6am:
Yesterday's High Temp:
Yesterday's Low Temp:
This Month's High Temp:
This Month's Low Temp:
This Year's High Temp:
This Year's Low Temp:
 70.0°F at 00:00
 67.3°F at 19:56
 76.3°F at 16:18
 64.0°F at 06:32
 87.1°F on 6/8/2019
 48.2°F on 6/4/2019
 88.9°F on 5/26/2019
 -3.8°F on 1/26/2019
Current Heat Index:
Today's High Heat Index:
High Heat Index This Month:
Record High Heat Index:
Current Wind Chill:
Today's Low Wind Chill:
Low Wind Chill This Month:
Record Low Wind Chill:

Current Humidity:
Humidity Change Last 24 Hrs:

Current Dewpoint:
Dewpoint Change Last 24 Hrs:

All Time Record High Temp:
All-Time Record Low Temp:
Warmest Day Record 6a-6p:
Warmest Night Record 6p-6a:
Coldest Day Record 6a-6p:
Coldest Night Record 6p-6a:
 68.6°F at 00:06
 85.9°F on 6/8/2019
 118.9°F on 7/19/2013
 67.3°F at 19:56
 47.6°F on 6/4/2019
 -22.7°F on 2/15/2016

 +19 %


 136.4°F on 2/19/2016
 -7.2°F on 2/24/2015
 94.1 F on: Jul 22 2011
 90.7F on: Jun 08 2004
 6.6F on: Jan 07 2014
 0.7F on: Jan 04 2014
  Barometer Data:
Current Baro Pressure:
Baro Change Last Hour:
Baro Trend Last Hour:
 29.825 in.
 +0.030 in.
Today's High Baro Pressure:
Today's Low Baro Pressure:
Record High Baro Pressure:
Record Low Baro Pressure:

 29.943 in. at 00:00
 29.796 in. at 19:19
 33.723 in. on 8/26/2012
 26.181 in. on 11/3/2014
  Astronomical Data:
Current Moon Phase:

Next New Moon:
Next Full Moon:
March Equinox Date:
June Solstice Date:
September Equinox Date:
December Solstice Date:

 10:03 UTC 3 June 2019
 08:31 UTC 17 June 2019
 21:59 UTC 20 March 2019
 15:55 UTC 21 June 2019
 07:51 UTC 23 September 2019
 04:20 UTC 22 December 2019
Next Solar Eclipse:
05:19 UTC 26 December 2019 Eclipse Circular
Next Lunar Eclipse:
19:10 UTC 10 January 2020 Eclipse Half shadow

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  About This Station:
  New Windsor Tower is approximately 33 feet tall at an altitude of 151 ft. The anemometer sits 34 feet high and all other sensors are 4 feet high. The rain gauge tips at 0.04". This station is operating a Oregon Scientific WMR200 wireless system and using the WeatherDisplay software.
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